If you have joined us in June for the GLY spring golf event, you have her the voice of Olivia Notto. Olivia sings the national anthem at the event and has blessed us for so many years. We thank her for this, without her kicking the day off, it just wouldn't be the same. What a talent!!! So it was only fitting she do so at a fundraiser she hosted in September. I was lucky enough to be there along with a host of others to support Olivia, to start her fundraising to be selected as one of the many PSU students who hope to be on the dance floor for the THON event in 2022. It was a great evening, great food ( Carrot Cake!!! more on that later) and entertainment. Olivia will be in full fundraising mode and please support her in her goal to beat cancer. As she really really wants to dance away!!!!  I think she's going to do it and can't wait to get a first hand account of the THON experience!!