For the seventh year in a row in GLY Foundation has supported the Highmark Community Walk.  Even with the weather dampening the ground it didn't dampen the efforts of the walkers.  As shown in the blog photo posted, GLY board member Dave Bartoli ( far left in picture ), had the Bartoli gang out in force for this great event.  GLY president and founder, Bob Eager was very happy with the turn out, even with the dark rainy morning and said support was still high.  Bob also mentioned Cathy Sheaffer's team raised close to $4,000 to support this event, and would like to thank her for her fund raising efforts.  Cathy's teams have raised close to $10,000 over the last two walks. AWESOME!!!!!!!!  Bob and the rest of the GLY board would like to thank all the walkers who raised money in support of this event and we hope to see next year.